The decorative scoring          and staining system



A simple, classic appearance. Our experts have the ability to install any size, and on a "straight" layout or on a "diagonal." Mottling the tiles with multiple color stains creates an authentic tile appearance made from your existing concrete surface. 

Ashlar Slate

A pattern that offers a sophisticated appearance by randomly placing squares and rectangles throughout an area. Multiple color concrete stains are applied for an authentic appearance. Especially elegant around pool decks and within insets.


Random design with multiple color concrete stains adds personality. Why tear out your old, cracked driveway? Many customers have saved money by using a random flagstone pattern to incorporate their existing cracks into the pattern.

Pool Decks

An important area for showcasing the beauty of your backyard, let us transform your poolside concrete into the stone or tiled look you have always wanted. Our solutions are especially good for working around existing your joints and drains.

Stain Only

Add a new color scheme to your plain concrete, by staining and sealing your concrete without any additional pattern. A single color, or in multiple shades, Concrete Art can customize the coloring of your concrete to suit your needs.

Custom Designs

Dream up a custom pattern and we can score and stain it into your concrete. Whether it is simple or intricate, we have experience installing custom logos and other geometric shapes into your horizontal surface.



The Concrete Art Scoring and Staining system was developed to offer both residential and commercial clients a new and innovative way to enhance their plain, gray concrete hardscape surfaces. Your Concrete, our Creativity. 25 Years in business. Over 4,000 Installations completed.

The Concrete Art Scoring and Staining System of today offers the ability to score and stain decorative patterns within new or existing concrete. The system is very unique in that we score grout lines into concrete to achieve different looks such as tile, brick, stone, geometric patterns, etc. The scoring is accomplished with diamond blades and with other tools that we have developed. The coloring process is also unique, because it is not a paint or coating product, but a concrete staining system that is effective, permanent and economical. The Concrete Art Scoring and Staining System is installed by professional, licensed installers, certified by Concrete Art. The Concrete Art System can be used at concrete Patios, Pool Decks, Driveways, Walkways, Entryways and anywhere else you have plain concrete.

25 Years in Business, Over 4,000 Projects Completed



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