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Tile patterns provide for a simplistic, classic appearance. Our experts have the ability to install any size tile that is preferred. A tile pattern can also be installed on a "straight" layout or on a "diagonal" layout. Mottling the tiles with multiple color stains creates an authentic tile appearance made from your existing concrete surface. This is what makes The Concrete Art Scoring and Staining System so unique.

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Stain Only:
If you prefer simply adding a new color scheme to your plain concrete, without any additional pattern, The Concrete Art Decorative Staining System can also stain and seal your concrete without any scoring. As simple as a single color, or in multiple shades or colors, Concrete Art can customize the coloring of your concrete to suit your needs.

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Ashlar Slate:
Ashlar Slate is a pattern that offers a sophisticated appearance by randomly placing squares and rectangles throughout an area. Multiple color concrete stains are applied for an authentic slate appearance. It is an especially elegant appearance around pool decks and when used within insets.

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A multiple color flagstone pattern can transform your existing plain concrete into a beautiful work of art. This random design with multiple color concrete stains gives personality and style to a surface that would otherwise be considered plain and boring.

Why tear out your old, cracked driveway? Many customers of ours have found convenience and value by using a random flagstone pattern to incorporate their existing cracks into the pattern. The end result is stained concrete that takes something from boring to beautiful with no demolition!

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Custom Designs:
Dream up a custom pattern and we can score and stain it into your concrete. Whether it is simple or intricate, we have experience installing custom logos and other geometric shapes into your horizontal surface.

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