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The Concrete Art Scoring and Staining system was developed to offer both residential and commercial clients a new and innovative way to enhance their plain, gray concrete hardscape surfaces. Our motto is "Your Concrete, our Creativity". "24 Years in business. Over 4000 Installations completed".

The Concrete Art Scoring and Staining System of today offers the ability to score and stain decorative patterns within new or existing concrete. The system is very unique in that we score grout lines into concrete to achieve different looks such as tile, brick, stone, geometric patterns, etc. The scoring is accomplished with diamond blades and with other tools that we have developed. The coloring process is also unique, because it is not a paint or coating product, but a concrete staining system that is effective, permanent and economical. The Concrete Art Scoring and Staining System is installed by professional, licensed installers, certified by Concrete Art. The Concrete Art System can be used at concrete Patios, Pool Decks, Driveways, Walkways, Entryways and anywhere else you have plain concrete.

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